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Ace Asphalt has been a market leader in dealing with pavement cracks, offering asphalt paving Austin TX services for parking lots and roadways. Ace Asphalt offers to crack sealing services that employ the rout and seal method through innovative infrastructure solutions, over banding the sealant for long-lasting results. While not the cheapest of crack sealing services.

Ace Asphalt prides itself on providing the best value in quality, longevity, and visual appeal. We are a crack sealing company that can provide comprehensive asphalt maintenance services for commercial and residential clientele, including crack sealing, crack filling, reinforcing, and overlays of pavements and parking lots.

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For years, Ace Asphalt has been resolving client’s infrastructure challenges. The well-established firm is aware that cracks in thoroughfares, driveways, and concrete are one of these challenges.

Minimal cracks in asphalt are signs of pavement aging, deterioration, and degradation. Early detection of the roadway cracks at an early period and asphalt resurfacing is indispensable as defensive road maintenance and practical curative actions can be applied before causing vehicle damage and public disturbance.

One of the low-cost methods available is the seal coating. Sealcoating is a vital element of a pavement management plan because if cracks are sealed without delay, water infiltration will be reduced, and extensive pavement repair will be prevented.  It also leads to various aesthetic and economic benefits in precluding the asphalt pavement from deteriorating. Property managers and owners must be aware that not all crack sealing services are the same to avoid pavement weakening.

Crack sealing can be divided into three different types:

Crack Filling

Crack filling involves topical sealing of pavement cracks without any type of crack preparation. This is typically the least effective crack sealing service, with the highest failure rate—it likely won’t survive its first winter.

Blow and Fill

Blow and fill involves blowing out debris from cracks with backpack blowers or compressed air, then sealing the pavement cracks. This has a marginally better life expectancy than a simple crack filling but is still subject to high failure rates.

Rout and Seal Crack Sealing

Suitable cracks are routed with special pavement routing equipment to a width of 3/4″ wide and 1/2″–3/4″ deep. This process allows for a reservoir of rubberized crack sealer that facilitates the expansion and contraction of the crack both horizontally and vertically.

While cone filling of the rout is the standard process of installing the sealant, our crack sealing services use the superior method of overbanding. Combined material width with the overbanding approach, this rout and sealing method produces a crack-sealed joint with an extremely low failure rate and a serviceable life of between five and ten years.


Ace Asphalt guarantees that our services will maintain and extend your pavement life for the long run. The cracks in the parking lot are due to the forces applied by the movements of vehicles. Ace Asphalt Paving in Austin, TX offers asphalt sealing for your parking lot as part of routine asphalt maintenance is one way to maintain the strong point and value of the parking lot.

As one of the trustworthy asphalt seal and coating contractors in Austin, Ace Asphalt recommends to their clients that resealing their property with PolyTar Asphalt Sealcoating can reduce the expenses during their pavement’s life cycle by as much as possible 50% when used as part of a pavement management plan.


Quality Control

The mixture of the seal coat is pre-mixed at the producer’s facility, the likelihoods of it being over-diluted with water are minimal. This will result in a higher quality product that is guaranteed to last a very long time.


PolyTar high durability sealcoat is skillfully mixed with coal tar emulsion, the required amount of water recommended by the manufacturer, and the appropriate amount of sand mix. The materials are given enough time to fuse, making for a much stronger hot asphalt mix.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Due to the thorough manufacturing and milling process, PolyTar can protect your asphalt pavement for a more extended period. If you reapply it every two to three years, you won’t have to worry about repairing cracks or other damages as often.


In addition, Ace Asphalt uses high-quality materials that protect asphalt from oxidation, water infiltration, oil, gas, and coolant damage, as well as the harmful effects of the sun. This, combined with our high-production equipment, allows us to achieve the most cost-effective pavement management service for your asphalt parking lot and pavement investment.

Slurry sealing treats venerable and snagged roadways by filling minor cracks, replacing lost surfaces, repairing skid resistance, and reestablishing the pavement’s aesthetic value. It may be used on parkways, residential streets, roadways, and any infrastructure requiring the pavement to be well-preserved. The seal coating company also ensures that the application process protects all curbs and other structures from any overspray. This attention to detail has made us one of the top sealcoating contractors in the Texas area.


Whether you have a small parking lot or a large commercial facility, Ace Asphalt offers high-quality crack sealing maintenance. Pavement crack sealing is considered as the lowest cost of road surface treatment available. It is the process of placing an adhesive sealant into gaps on the roadway surface, inhibiting the penetration of moisture and non-compressible materials into the asphalt road.


  1. Pavement cracks are identified and routed using a high torque Marathon carbide-tip crack router to create a channel reservoir for sealant.
  2. Routed cracks are blown completely free of all dust and debris to ensure proper sealant bonding to the rout and pavement.
  3. High spec. Hot rubberized crack sealant is melted in a double-wall, oil-jacketed kettle and then poured into special overband applicators.
  4. Cracks are then sealed using the overband applicators to ensure a superior bonding and a consistent, visually appealing width of material to fill the routed reservoir and provide superior bonding and long joint life.
  5. Our crew is equipped with Multiple applicator units to improve productivity and reduce your parking lot’s downtime.
  6. All suitable cracks are sealed to ensure your parking lot achieves maximum protection from water infiltration.
  7. Routed debris can either be power swept or blown to the curb edge, depending on the client’s request.
  8. The debris that a sweeper collects is removed off-site for proper disposal.

Ace Asphalt is constantly providing the same friendly and professional service. They have built their reputation as top asphalt repair and sealcoating contractors in the Texas Area. We will continue to offer a range of pavement maintenance services designed to improve pavement life, quality, and appearance on residential or commercial properties.

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